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  1. Appleby A make it Three out of Three!

    When Bolton A played their first match in Division One, three events went the full distance with Greta winning them all to become 7-2 victors.
    Richard Forrester & Susan Thorpe, Bolton, won 15-12 against Andrew & Pat Pepper, only to lose the next two, 10-15, 9-15. Third mixed was also close: Arran Davies & Josh Cole lost 13-15, but fought back to win15-8, 15-4, over Brian Litster & Hazel McAleese.
    Top men’s went to Andy Carey & Arran, 15-5, 12-15, 15-9, versus Mark Barrow & Brian. Best of Bolton’s points was second ladies: Susan & Hazel defeated Pat & Jos 15-6, 15-12.
    Appleby A make it three out of three playing away at Bolton A. Only one mixed went the distance, when Phil Armitstead & Dawn Westgarth, Appleby, lost 8-15 to Mark Barrow & Nicola Elliott, then took the next two, 15-4, 15-10. Hazel McAleese & Brian Litster clinched Bolton’s only mixed point, beating Andrew & Amy Swinbank 15-8, 15-8.
    Top men’s was a close battle, with Brian & Mark winning 15-13, 15-11, against James Bowness & Andrew. Nicola & Hazel won Top ladies’ for Bolton.
    Phil Armitstead & Dawn Westgarth remained undefeated. Final score: 6-3 to Appleby.
    In Division Two, Appleby B entertained Blencowe C and won 9-0. Blencowe C’s top couple, Graham Lightfoot & Denise Roberts played well all night and took Gary Trevaskis & Debbie Snelson to three ends, 11-15, 15-2, 15-1. Third mixed pair, Chris Swinbank & Julie Dixon, were made to work for their 15-9, 15-10 victory over Kevin Roper and Val Urwin.
    Chris won top men’s with Alex Dalton, beating Kevin & Graham, 15-2, 15-4, two good games despite the score. Second men, Chris & Gary defeated Kevin & Simon. Second ladies’ saw Julie & Debbie take on Jeanne Gordon & Val, with Appleby clinching the first set 15-4, then coming from behind in the second, to win 17-16.
    Appleby’s Debbie Snelson proved a dependable reserve, and brother and sister, Alex & Zoe Dalton combined well together.
    A hard night, but no points to show for it, was the story, when Bolton B travelled to play Blencowe B. There were five three-setters, and Blencowe took them all for a 9-0 triumph!
    Philip Dixon and Gail Eastham, Blencowe, overcame Paul Fleming & Lynn Barnes, 15-13, 10-15, 15-9. They then overpowered Ronnie Potts & Emma Thorpe, 13-15, 15-13, 15-4. Second men Tom Bennett & Christian Morley beat Adam Elliott & Paul, 15-2, 11-15, 15-11.
    Meanwhile, Langwathby hosted Blencowe C in the Ken Shaw Tournament. Matthew Wilson & Katie Mason were very dominant in their mixed games, only dropping 7 points all evening! Andrew Thompson & Ruth Jackson, Langwathby, won the first 15-7, but lost the second 9-15 to Graham Lightfoot & Denise Roberts.
    Total points tally: Langwathby 258 to 132, then a handicap of 105 added in Blencowe’s favour, making 237 all together, Langwathby winning through by 21 points!

  2. In Division Two, Appleby B notched up their second 9-0 victory
    , this time over Brough C, all events being decided in two ends. James Bowman & Dawn Witterick, Brough, were involved in the closest, scoring 4-15, 12-15, against Gary Trevaskis and Zoe Dalton.
    When Appleby B travelled to Brough B, they won 7-2. Third mixed went the full distance, with Chris Swinbank & Julie Dixon, Appleby, winning the first 15-10, Alan Wilson & Heidi Branthwaite the second, 15-7. The Appleby pair finally triumphed 15-8.
    An injury to Appleby’s Emma Elliott meant she had to concede her top mixed and ladies’ doubles.
    Second men’s was the other three-setter: Willie Lockhart & Alan Wilson won 15-13, but Appleby’s Gary Trevaskis & Chris recovered to win 15-2, 15-6.
    Blencowe B continue their winning ways with a decisive 9-0 victory over the youthful Brough C side.
    Bolton B travelled to Langwathby who, unfortunately, were unable to find a replacement for Matthew Wilson, forcing them to concede three events. Otherwise the match proved very close, each team winning three events, making it a 6-3 victory for Bolton.
    In mixed, Andrew Thompson & Ruth Jackson, Langwathby, won the first 15-12, but Paul Fleming and Lynn Barnes clinched the next two 15-7, 15-12. Third mixed was very even: Mark James & Lisa Fleming, Langwathby, won 17-16, then Adam Elliott & Marilyn Wood took the next 15-13. Mark & Lisa eventually ran out 15-13 winners. Second ladies, sisters Ruth and Lisa, lost the first 6-15, but fought back to overcome Lynn and Marilyn 15-12, 15-7.
    Appleby’s Doubles team hosted Blencowe A and won 5-1, with 2 events going the distance. Alex Dalton & Mike Dunbobbin were involved in both. In the first, Alex & Mike beat David and Christian Morley 17-14, 10-15, 17-14. In the next, they defeated David Bowman and Jonny Fuller, 15-10, 12-15, 15-10. Christian & Jonny defeated Andrew Swinbank & Mike, 15-10, 15-6, for Blencowe’s single point.
    Phoenix played Greta in the Doubles League, for a final result of 3-3 in events, 6-7 in sets and 145-144 points! Craig Allinson won all his events for Phoenix, and was involved in the only three-setter, partnered by Carl Heathcote, to beat Andy Carey & Andrew Pepper, 15-10, 16-17, 15-3.
    Meanwhile Gilcrux entertained Bolton B in the first round of the Ken Shaw Handicap Tournament. There were several extremely close games, especially in ladies’ doubles. Gilcrux’ top ladies, Sarah Hilton & Sally Reed, lost the first 14-15 to Emma Thorpe and Marilyn Wood, then won the next, 15-14! Second ladies, Sara Todd & Sally, won15-14, then lost 13-15 to Lynn Barnes and Marilyn!
    Final result: Bolton 238 – Gilcrux 211 + 92 handicap = 302.,

  3. Four events went the distance
    when Blencowe C entertained Gilcrux in Division Two, three of these going to the home side.
    Simon Broadbridge was involved in three of them! In the men’s doubles, he and Kevin Roper overcame Carl Blacklock & Dougie Rumney. In mixed, he and Val Urwin beat Sarah Hilton & Carl, 15-9, 14-17, 15-5. However, they lost their other mixed, in a very close encounter, 9-15, 15-12, 14-17, to Henry Airey & Sara Todd.
    Final score: Blencowe C 7 – Gilcrux 2.
    The first match in the Doubles League was between Blencowe B and Phoenix. The strong Phoenix team won convincingly 6-0. Only one event went to three ends, when Andy and Debbie Lovatt defeated Tom Bennett and Philip Dixon, 15-5, 11-15, 15-0.

  4. An Energetic Week for Blencowe C!
    Appleby A took on Blencowe A in Division One, and ran out 8-1 winners.
    Phil Armitstead & Dawn Westgarth played David Bowman & Amy Dickinson in a good three-ender, with Appleby taking the first 15-13, Blencowe fighting back 15-17, Appleby finally clinching it 15-10. Third mixed pair, Andrew & Amy Swinbank, played well to beat Sam Winder & Pam Smithies 15-8, 7-15, 15-11, in another three-setter, .
    Top men, James Bowness & Andrew, were made to work hard for their victory over Jonny Fuller & Sam Winder, this battle also going the full distance, 15-12, 5-15 and a very close 17-16! Blencowe’s consolation point was won by top ladies, Linda Jefferson & Pam Smithies, against Sheila Westgarth & Amy, in probably the best game of the night. Appleby took the first 15-13, Blencowe came back to win 15-12 before taking the third, 15-11, three excellent games!
    Phoenix travelled to Greta and gained a 7-2 victory. Greta’s Andy Carey & Nicky Sleath notched up both points for Greta. Best of these was a 15-11, 12-15, 15-9 win versus Ian Livingstone and Jane Durnin. Three doubles also went the distance, best being top men’s: Carl Heathcote & Craig Allinson lost the first to Arran Davies & Andy 9-15, but fought back to win 15-12, 17-14.
    Division Two’s Brough B triumphed 8-1 over their C team. Hannah Shuttleworth & Heidi Branthwaite, Brough, lost 13-15, but came back to defeat Lucy Richardson & Dawn Witterick, 15-5, 15-4. The C team won their only point in the second event on court, when James Bowman & Dawn, both on top of their game and playing well together, beat Willie Lockhart & Debbie Barr, 15-4, 15-9, a good result against two seasoned players.
    Blencowe B travelled to Gilcrux to make it three out of three with this latest 9-0 victory! All events were decided in two ends. Closest game of the night was second ladies’: Sally Reed & Sarah Hilton, Gilcrux, lost 15-17, 3-15, to the strong combination of Carol Edmondson & Alisha Eastham.
    Blencowe C lost 8-1 to Langwathby, only one event going all the way: second mixed pair, Andrew Thompson & Ruth Jackson, Langwathby, won 15-5, then Simon Broadbridge & Val Urwin, Blencowe, took the second 15-9, before the Langwathby pair finally emerged 15-6 winners. Blencowe’s single point was Graham Lightfoot & Denise Roberts’ 15-2, 15-11 victory over Andrew & Ruth.
    In less than 24 hours, Blencowe C were back in action, this time away to Bolton B. Bolton won all events convincingly in two sets. The closest, top men’s, almost made the distance when Adam Elliott & Ronnie Potts, having sewn up the first game 15-4, allowed Kevin Roper & Simon Broadbridge to go ahead 14-9, but the experienced home players recovered to win 17-14!

  5. New League Formation for the New Season.
    The new badminton season sees a change in the formation of the mixed league from 3 divisions to two. The Doubles League remains the same.
    We are sorry that Brampton has had to withdraw their team, due to lack of players. Brampton joined our league in the 1999-2000 season, won the fourth and third divisions, achieved 2nd in Division Two the following season, then gained promotion to Division One in 2002/3. They spent seven excellent seasons in the top flight. The following seasons saw them alternately relegated then promoted, but always maintaining a good standard of badminton. We shall all miss them, and hope that they will find it possible to return to our league in the near future.
    Division Two are off to a flying start, the first match of the season was a close one between Blencowe B and Brough B. Brough edged the mixed, before Blencowe came back strongly to clinch three out of four doubles.
    Philip Dixon & Gail Eastham, Blencowe, won an even tussle 12-15, 15-10, 17-14, over Willie Lockhart & Debbie Barr. At third mixed, Alan Wilson and Heidi Branthwaite, Brough, lost the opening set 3-15 to Christian Morley & Carol Edmondson, but fought back to win !5-12, 17-15. A warm welcome to Carol on her return to the Blencowe squad.
    Christian took his revenge, winning the men’s doubles, both three setters. In the best of these, he paired up with Philip to triumph 15-10, 11-15, 15-11, over David Wheatley and Alan.
    Final score: 5-4 to Blencowe B, 11 all in sets and 279 to 274 in points, a memorable match!
    Next, Blencowe B conquered their C team 9-0, every event being decided in two ends.
    The new season saw Appleby B defeat Langwathby 9-0, but the score does not reflect how well Langwathby performed. Gary Trevaskis & Zoe Dalton were taken to three ends by Matthew Wilson & Katie Mason, but after losing the first 6-15, they finally emerged winners, 15-11, 15-5. Appleby’s Julie Dixon only lost 10 points in the entire match!
    Gilcrux travelled to Brough C to win a close match 6-3. Only one event went the distance: Sara Todd & Carl Blacklock, Gilcrux, overcame Alice Fawcett & William Richardson, in a tight 15-9, 11-15, 17-14. Second men’s went to three, with Richard Elston & Carl defeating Simon Fawcett & James Bowman, 11-15, 15-9, 15-3. A mention must go to Dawn Witterick, Brough, for winning all her events decisively in two ends!
    The only match played in Division One so far, was between Phoenix and Appleby A, another close one. Appleby took a 4-1 lead in mixed, then Phoenix won three doubles , resulting in a narrow 5-4 victory for Appleby.
    Second mixed went the full distance, with Dawn Westgarth & Phil Armitstead, Appleby, taking the first 15-8, losing 9-15,, and eventually defeating Janice Walker & Craig Allinson 15-5. Best game of the night was third mixed, Andy & Debbie Lovatt, Phoenix, overcoming Andrew & Amy Swinbank, 15-9, 12-15, 15-10.
    James Bowness won all his events for Appleby, as did Debbie for Phoenix.
    Two matches have already been played in the first round of the Ken Shaw Trophy Handicap Tournament.
    Brough A, playing with two substitutes, lost to their C team 231-302 points. Simon Fawcett & Lucy Richardson won their mixed for the C team, then Simon split both his men’s doubles!
    Blencowe A enjoyed a close match versus Brough B, the latter just edging in front at the end. Alan Wilson and Heidi Branthwaite, Brough B, beat David Morley (reserve) & Pam Smithies, 15-10, 15-5. The match concluded with Blencowe on 255 and Brough153 plus 120points handicap making a total of 273, only 18 points in it!

  6. The Penrith & District Badminton League sponsored a junior badminton tournament
    held in the Peter Kremer Sports Hall in Penrith. Sixty two players aged seven to fourteen played in two age groups in both singles and doubles all playing in groups to ensure plenty of games for everyone. An excellent days competition and some very competitive finals.
    In the junior Girls Singles Caitlin Williamson, Cockermouth played Hazel Sleath, Keswick in the final and won 21/17. In the Junior Girls Doubles Caitlin and Hazel played together and won against Daisy Blacklock, Frizington & Emily Davidson, Appleby in the final.

    There was a large entry in the junior Boys Singles the winner was Akshay Ram Dharmrajan, Penrith he played Daniel Dalton, Appleby in the final, score 21/7. In the junior Boys Doubles final it was a very close hard fought match Akshay played with Shaun Paul, Dalston against Daniel and Sam Dalton, Appleby final score 21/18 to Akshay and Shaun.

    The senior age group Girls Singles winner was Zoe Dalton, Appleby runner up Lily Wilson, Barrow. Due to the smaller entry in this event the girls all played a doubles game with each other and all points added together. Zoe and Lily were the winners with Olivia Errington, Penrith & Amy Paul, Dalston runners up.

    The senior Boys Singles winner was Alex Dalton, Appleby he played Corey Stewart, Cockermouth in the final. In the doubles they partnered together and again made the final this time playing Sam Wright and Dan Casson both from Cockermouth. Alex and Corey won 21/15

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