Club Night Game Format

Thank you to everyone who contributed their ideas about the format of club night play. 

The Committee had a very lengthy discussion last night (3 hour meeting!!) about the issues raised and we have come up with a system that we believe fits the needs of all players in the Club.

 The Committee looked at what members have said they want from the  Club:

  • A Balance between competitive play and helping other players to improve
  • Meeting the needs of the Club as a whole as well as those of the individual members
  • Encouraging members to use the whole 3 hour Club Night slot
  • Getting an even ‘balance’ between players in games at Club Night
  • Ensuring that new and younger members are welcomed and looked after
  • Opportunities  for competitive and challenging games for everyone including the higher players

 the system that we are going to implement from next Wednesday, 26th February,  is to allocate a number to each player in the club according to their standard of play and this will be based on which team they have been selected for.

 1 – for players of A team standard

2 – for players of B team standard

3 – for players of C team standard

4 – for players of D team standard

5 – for players not in any  team

Your wooden slat will have your name and number on

The aim of this is to allow each game to be picked in such a way that there will be a balanced game.  To achieve this, the numbers on each side should add up to the same (approximately).  So for example if a B team player is picking they have number 2 so they can pick 3 other number 2s (2+2 against 2+2), or 2 2s’ and 2 4s (2+4 against 2+4) or a 1, a 2, a 3 and a 4 (2+3 against (1+4) or any other combination that leads to balanced numbers.  The same principle holds for mixed, men’s and ladies’ games.

 From 7.30pm to 8.30pm

we will continue to use the 8-slat  frame system.  During this part of the evening we would encourage people to pick mixed ability games (but balanced) to give improving members the chance to play with and learn from more advanced members.

 From 8.30pm to 10pm

 we will take the frame away and people can pick from anyone who is waiting but can only pick from people with the same number or one number up or down. .  This will ensure that in this part of the evening, people get harder competitive games against people of a similar standard to themselves. E.g. if a B team player (number 2) is picking they can only pick people with numbers 1, 2 or 3 and they should keep the numbers balanced ( i.e. not a 2 and 3 1s).

As there have been fewer people attending club nights and therefore very little sitting-off time


If there is any confusion or uncertainty about the new system please ask any member of the Committee for advice: 

 Andy Hilton, Jill Eastham, Graham Whitley, Pauline Goad, David Morley, Kevin Roper